Sunday, August 10, 2014

Three weeks in

I went for follow-up blood work on Thursday and hope to see some sort of positive change in the tta results after three weeks of being gluten free. Although I suspect it can take up to six months for things to be healed and my villi to have regained their strength.

This was an emotional week for me and by yesterday afternoon, I wanted some of my old comfort foods and there were no suitable substitutes. If this was a weight-loss effort, I would have chucked it all in and just eaten what I wanted, but I am happy to report that I remained gluten free. Because my body is working hard to repair itself. It's odd to think about how foods that gave me comfort were actually wrecking my body. Silently.

This week ahead is full of work and band camp/parent volunteer opportunities. Which means I must plan ahead to cover meals at odd times and keep gluten free snacks on hand.

Wish me luck!

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Anonymous said...

You're the best planner I know! You can do this. :)

I'm blogging again too! I love how we just go in fits and spurts.