Saturday, August 02, 2014

Two weeks already

I quit counting days several days ago, and now this whole gluten-free thing doesn't seem so daunting as it did at first. In fact, I have realized I am probably better off by just not having the food items that have gluten rather than trying to find a suitable substitute. There are plenty of foods that I already enjoy and eat regularly that happened to be gluten-free. I am certainly not starving. So rather than actively searching for gluten-free products, I am going to eat what I want (that is already gluten free), substituting only for the things that I really want.

Oatmeal. Bread for toast. Pasta, occasionally. Certified gf tortilla chips.

Otherwise, I will just omit the ingredients that are gluten-based. For example, no croutons on my salads. No bread on my cheeseburgers.

Thank goodness popcorn is gluten-free!

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Tricia said...

glad to read it's becoming second-nature! and i liked your Moe's story. I've never eaten at one, but it's nice to know they seem to be a conscientious chain.