Saturday, March 13, 2010

The Magical World of the DVR

We have just entered the magical world of the DVR. After months of debating the utility of adding DVR to our cablevision, we now have the ability to record television programs at literally the push of a button. No more looking for a blank videotape; no more making sure the time on the VCR is set correctly; no more having to find yet another remote control.
No more checking the time to not miss our favorite shows because we didn't want to have the hassle of setting the VCR. No more hurrying through household tasks or rushing around during the commercials to get things done. No more wondering what the characters just said because someone talked over the dialogue. 
But now we have so many shows to record! So many movies or programs we didn't even know we wanted to watch because they weren't convenient. Now we wonder how we'll ever watch everything we're recording. Because the hours available to watch television didn't increase just because we have the ability to watch at our convenience.
I think we're going to find that we watch the same amount of television and that we watch the same programs we were watching before. Only now we'll have a bit more freedom as to when we watch them, and how long it takes to watch since we can fast-forward through the commercials.

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