Saturday, March 06, 2010

The Queen of Hearts

Several months ago, I had a brief encounter with the Walt Disney version of the Queen of Hearts. I was on the fourth deck of the Disney Magic, looking down into the Atrium watching the holiday festivities, when Alice came by clearing the way for the Queen to pass. I turned to look and came eye-to-eye with the Queen, and as she passed, she swished her robes at me. At that moment, I knew I had met my inner-villian!

So of course I had to see the newly released Alice in Wonderland movie which documented Alice's return to Wonderland. Only in this story, the Queen of Hearts was known as the Red Queen, and she had a tiny body and an outrageously big head. But her spirit was the same; irrationally dealing with everything that didn't suit her with a loud "off with his head!"

I embrace the Queen and my likeness to her, for at times, I find my response to things to be equally absurd. While I don't shout "off with their heads" when things don't go the way I expect them to, I do find myself checking my reactions for QOHness.

Whenever I channel the QOH, my family calls me on it. They are thinking of getting a QOH playing card for me to wear around my neck as a warning sign to all who cross my path. I say that recognizing the absurdity within ourselves leads to self-improvement and self-control.

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