Tuesday, March 16, 2010

NCAA Tournament Basketball Picks

My favorite part about the NCAA Basketball Tournament is filling out the form. You know, where you start with 65 teams and bring it down to one.

I'm picking Kansas and Kentucky in the finals, with Kentucky winning.

Final four: Kansas vs. Syracuse, Kentucky vs. Duke.

At eight, I have Kansas vs. Ohio State, Syracuse vs, Pittsburgh, Kentucky vs. West Virginia, and Duke vs. Villanova.

Sweet Sixteen: Kansas vs. Maryland, Tennessee vs. Ohio State, Syracuse vs. Vanderbilt, Pittsburgh vs. Kansas State, Kentucky vs. Wisconsin, New Mexico vs. West Virginia, Duke vs. Purdue, and Baylor vs. Villanova.

From the beginning (my winning picks are in bold):
Kansas vs. Lehigh
UNLV vs Northern Iowa
Michigan State vs. New Mexico State
Maryland vs. Houston
Tennessee vs. San Diego State
Georgestown vs Ohio
Oklahomas St. vs Georgia Tech
Ohio State vs. UC Santa Barbara
Syracuse vs Vermont
Gonzaga vs Florida State
Butler vs UTEP
Vanderbilt vs. Murray St.
Xavier vs. Minnesota
Pittsburgh vs. Oakland
BYU vs Florida
Kansas St. vs. North Texas

Ark-PB vs. Winthrop

Kentucky vs. E. Tenn. State
Texas vs. Wake Forest
Temple vs. Cornell
Wisconsin vs. Wofford
Marquette vs. Washington
New Mexico vs. Montana
Clemson vs. Missouri
West Virginia vs. Morgan St.
Duke vs. Winthrop
California vs. Louisville
Texas A&M vs. Utah State
Purdue vs. Siena
Notre Dame vs. Old Dominion
Baylor vs. Sam Houston St.
Richmond vs. Saint Mary's
Villanova vs. Robert Morris

Now let's see how I do. Starting March 18th and going through April 5th.

Feel free to comment and tell me who you pick!

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