Friday, May 07, 2010

A birthday gift card

My niece is turning 15 this weekend. It's been hard enough for me to think of her as a teenager, but to know that she's turning 15 just solidifies that she is well and truly on her way to being a young woman.  She's been taller than me since some holiday early last year, and I know she's smarter than me about loads of book-stuff. She's inquisitive and kind. And she's having a birthday!
Slacker-aunt that I am, I didn't get a card mailed to her.  And I didn't send her a check that she'd have to get her parents to take her to cash, and I don't like sending cash in the mail, and I didn't get to the store to get her anything. But thanks to the wonders of e-commerce and a broadband connection to the internet along with some extra funds in my paypal account, I am sending a gift card to WalMart to be delivered directly to her in the next five to seven business days.  This girl loves shopping at WalMart and always has a wish-list, so it's perfect for her.
So happy birthday, dear niece of mine!  I'm glad you'll be the recipient of Day 5 of of my 29 days of giving.

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