Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Chocolate hugs

Giving Day 10.  My office has had a long-standing tradition of a candy dish.  There's no particular rule about it in terms of who fills it or with what, but generally it has chocolate, and it is usually generously filled, particularly after a chocolate-holiday like Valentine's Day and Easter.  But for the last three weeks, the dish has sat on the credenza in a state of utter emptiness. 
So this morning, I decided my gift would be to bring in some chocolate for the office.  Our local grocery store had Dove chocolates on sale.  We all like the good chocolate.  And while most of us prefer the milk chocolate, there are a few who prefer the dark, so I bought a bag of each.  My coworkers are happy to have chocolate again. And interestingly enough, the wrapper for the piece I just had says inside:  A hug is a great gift -- one size fits all.

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