Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Day 15: Congratulations on your Graduation

We know several young people who are graduating from high school this year.  It's been our tradition to give graduating seniors a monetary gift.  Usually I'm such a slacker that I end up just slipping them a $20 when I see them sometime before they go to college, no note, no card, nothing but some cool cash in the hand.  They are always appreciative and while I always tell them no need to write a thank you note (since I didn't make the effort to put it in a card), I generally get a nicely written note of thanks.
As part of my 29 days of giving, Day 15 found me with a box of blank half-fold cards and access to a wonderful color printer that will "flip on the short side" to print on both the front and back of the paper.  Following the instructions, I was able to design a Congratulations on your Graduation card for each of the students we know.  So with that, I wrote out the checks for those who we don't see regularly and was able to put them in the mail.  My 15th day of giving: Graduation cards and money.  And the knowledge that I didn't take the easy way out. And I'm not late!

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