Thursday, May 13, 2010

Day 11's Gift

A couple of years ago, my office was hiring someone to work for a short period of time on a grant we had received. And while our office is part of a larger organization, we are a small unit and don't have much in the way of space, equipment, or furniture. So we scavenged the hallways for stuff that other groups were replacing or just getting rid of to put together enough to furnish the closet that we were turning into an "office."
Fast forward to a few months ago and we were yet again in the position of hiring someone to work with us on a grant, and unfortunately for her, the space was just as crammed and ill-furnished as our first hire was. And the furniture is a little worse-for-wear.
A notice came out that another group was getting rid of "surplus" furniture. Usually "surplus" means the leg is bent, the drawer sticks, the wheels won't roll, or something else entirely is wrong - either functionally or aesthetically - with the item.  But I went to look anyway, and lo, and behold, there was an intact computer desk on wheels that worked, with a sliding drawer that slides, and shelves that actually have all the supports for them. The only thing "wrong" with it was the dust that was accumulating from it having been in an unoccupied space for several months.
I knew it was so much better than what our coworker has in her space. And that it would not only fit in her space, but it would provide a better working surface for her.   So Day 11's gift is the gift of a new used computer desk.  While it wasn't originally mine to "give," it was mine to "find" and then give to her.  She is thriilled with it.

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