Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Pizza for Dinner

We have had a long-standing tradition in our family that Tuesday is pizza night.  We used to go to Pizza Hut because they had the kids-eat-free from the buffet on Tuesday nights.  Then we switched to Papa Johns because we always had good coupons and loved their pizza, but they were a bit out of the way and we weren't in their delivery zone.  Sometimes we would go to the Leaning Tower Pizzaria for a change of pace. But for the last several months, we've been getting "2 For Tuesday" pizza from Dominoes. It's right on the way home, so my husband picks up our order on his way to get the kids from school in the afternoon while I'm still at work.  In fact, we've been getting Dominoes so regularly that when we were out of town for a few weeks, the manager asked what happened to us when my husband stopped in again.  They know his order from their phone-order system and we have the price down to the penny.
Because I've been actively trying to lose weight for the last few months, I don't always eat pizza on Tuesday nights, but when I do, I've saved up enough Weight Watcher points for the day to have a slice of cheese and a slice of pepperoni.  There are usually three slices left so if I don't eat any, we usually end up throwing them away.  Yeah, my kids are weird in that they won't eat cold pizza and they don't like it reheated.
So late yesterday afternoon, my phone rings at work and it's my younger son.  He has called to ask if I wanted any pizza and told me there were just two pieces left, one cheese and one pepperoni.  I figured if he was calling, it was because he wanted another slice, not just to find out what my dinner plans were.  Because never have they called about pizza. 
My Day 16 gift was to skip the pizza so that he could have it.  It was something he really wanted but he was going to skip it because in his mind, they were my pizza slices... and as such, they were mine to give!

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