Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Days 21 - 23

Giving Day 21:  Sunday. We are regular contributors to the local congregation where we worship, so I hesitate to count our contribution as my Day 21 gift.  We passed out three more graduation cards with cash, but I've counted that sort of activity before.  DS had a piano recital and we took a fruit tray for the reception afterwards.  Does that count?  I look at the activities of the day and realize that while none of them seem out of the ordinary, maybe I've been more of a giver all along than I gave myself credit for.
Giving Day 22:  One of our coworkers is a remote worker. Her birthday is this week. Our boss got a card for her but didn't have a stamp. I gave her a stamp and took the card to the mailbox.  Just because you don't come into the office every day doesn't make you less a part of the office team; so we wanted to be sure to get her card to her.
Giving Day 23:  My DH's office has just completed a round of inspections and accreditation activities.  As a thank you to all the folks who worked hard to make it successful, we took them out for lunch today. On our dime.  Our Day 23 gift.

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