Friday, July 18, 2014

Food log, Day 1

I have lots of experience in tracking what I have eaten in a day, so paying attention isn't a new concept for me. But I am paying attention to ingredients this time much more so than in my weight loss efforts of times past. Logging my food will help me keep focused on GF foods and monitor what I like and don't like.

Day 1 had to start with what I already had on hand as I had not been shopping yet, what with the whole post-procedure sedation and all that. I went to the grocery store after work and took some time to read labels, look for the GF symbols, and check prices. I also bought food for my family, so my cart looked like an oxymoron. Don't judge, ok?

Breakfast: egg and shredded cheese omelet, orange juice

Lunch: Moe's - Close Talker salad (streaker) - no shell, ground beef, romaine lettuce,shredded cheese, pico, tomatoes, and sour cream. No chips because they share the oil with flour tortillas.

Dinner: Uncle Ben's original rice

Snacks: frozen blueberries with Publix vanilla yogurt, a few GF crackers (various brands as a taste test). Udi's oatmeal raisin cookie and chocolate bite (courtesy of my thoughtful coworker).

Lunch was the same as I always get at Moe's with the exception of chips. Dinner was similar to other late evening arrival at home.

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