Friday, July 25, 2014

Lunch Outback

With no specific plans for lunch, I packed a can of Progresso chicken and rice soup, some yogurt with frozen blueberries, and a few other snacks so I would have safe food on hand for the day. So when my lunch buddies wanted to go out, I told them to pick the place because in knew if there wasn't safe food for me there, I could always crack open the soup when we got back.

Because I am still so early in, they decided to go somewhere I could eat, so off we went to the Outback which happens to be where I went for my 50th birthday lunch. They have a soup and salad for $6.99 but none of the soups are gluten free, and a salad / small entree combination for $7.99. We all got salad and cheeseburgers. Mine came with no croutons and no bun, and when they hesitated to get the bread for the table, I ordered it for them. If I were dieting, that would have been hard to watch the others eating the bread, but today it didn't bother me.

So I had a delicious lunch and now have an emergency can of soup on the shelf at work.

Breakfast: egg white omelet and OJ

Lunch: salad and cheeseburger, no bun

Dinner: yogurt and blueberries, rice crackers

Snacks: Udi's cookies and popcorn

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